"The greatest influence on what a Guest decides to drink is the person taking their order."


Are your staff order takers, or Menu Meisters?

The 'golden minute' refers to those 60 brief seconds, when something magical happens between 2 complete strangers.  That if executed correctly, can have one completely at the whim of the other.


It's the Holy Grail of sales ... the most most coveted and desired of all interactions.

Others simply call it order taking.  But at Bevucation, we see it as the culmination of the courtship between the consumer's desire for a beverage, and the staff member's ability to influence the outcome.

This position of influence doesn't occur by accident.  Successful product recommendations, or up and cross selling, only occur when the customer has trust and confidence in the information being provided.  


This in turn is only possible when you've converted your staff from being reactive order takers, to proactive product influencers ... or Menu Meisters as we call them. 


How does it work?

Step 1:

Register your interest and gain access to the Bevucation Outlet portal.


Bevucation can have your team onboarded with your entire Beverage portfolio within 7 days. 

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