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Delivering Education ... not Information.

If your livelihood relies upon Beverage sales, chances are you suffer from one of the most common problems effecting businesses and industry professionals around the world.  


Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, often wanting to know  more details about the products they consume.  This is particularly the case with beverages.  Whether it's demand for organic wines, wanting to know the alcohol percentage before ordering a cocktail, or the taste profile of a craft beer, the pressure on retail and hospitality staff to be informed increases daily.

Unfortunately however, 

Bevucation solutions deliver this, and much more. 


Our Beverage Product Library contains thousands of beer, wine and spirit brands, with each one developed as a 3-5 minute Course.   Staff learn about the brands they're tasked with selling, take quizzes to gauge knowledge, and track their progress as they work their way through their individual portfolio.

Course design reflects the various ways in which individuals absorb information, with video and audio content combined with text and interactive images to optimise knowledge transfer.

Bevucation solutions incorporate the latest gamification concepts, using virtual awards and recognition to improve engagement and stimulate continual improvement.

All of which is available via desktop or mobile devices, enabling access anywhere and anytime ... perfect for a casual workforce, or multi-shift environments. 

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