David Moth


How Bevucation extends your CLV better than any other investment you can make.

We need to develop a strategic tool kit ... perhaps a quantifiable checklist ... that can give both an outlet and a brand owner a score regarding how well they're currently meeting key metrix.  This might be around product knowledge, product engagement tracking (ie i bought it on a ship or bar and then bought it online or bottle shop cos it was so good), consumer feedback regarding the product, and anything else that we know does not exist today ... but could easily be built into our app model.

customer service is more than a 'feel good' statement.  It's a fundamental requirement for any business serious about increasing ... not just retaining ... beverage profits.  

But as the saying goes, 'hope is not a strategy'.  So what are you doing to achieve predictable, enduring improved results?

Bevucation solutions do more than just deliver beverage product education.  But it's a vital place to start.  For less than the cost of a beer a week, a staff member can gain access to the Bevucation beverage library. 


And of equal importance, managers get access to a powerful suite of reports, enabling visibility of training progress and results.  

Other Bevucation solutions build on this knowledge foundation, with offerings for every level of beverage operations from waitstaff to supervisors and managers.

To find out how Bevucation can improve your business, contact us today.