Consumers are becoming as thirsty for knowledge as they are prepared to explore and experiment with their drinks.

This places increasing pressure on retail and hospitality staff to have solid product knowledge.

Unfortunately, it's been almost impossible for Brand Owners to effectively educate the thousands of industry professionals about their brands.

There's also a massive chasm between Brand Owner and Consumer, making it impossible to communicate key messages, or receive direct feedback.

That is, until now. <b> Bevucation provides a range of desktop and App based tools to solve this problem.</b>

Each individual product is undertaken as a short course, complete with tasting notes, images, key selling points and much more.

Follow the below links to learn more about Bevucation solutions.


Bar Owner

For as little as $25 a week, I now have all my staff learn about the beer, wine, spirits and cocktails they're expected to sell. 

Bar profits grew



Waiter / Barman

I used to have to teach myself about all the drinks we have on the menu.  Now I can learn via my phone, anytime I want. 

My confidence has soared ... and so have my tips!


Wine Brand Manager

We make large investments in brand marketing, yet educating our customers in bottle shops, bars and restaurants around the country has been impossible. 

Bevucation tools fix that.

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